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Look Forward to Tsukinocon!
I'm still waiting to see if I got in or not! Otherwise, I'll be at Grand Prix Vancouver! so come & see me there!

Halloween Expo 2016
Event was an organizational disaster, but I did get to bond with a few of the other vendors over the mutual suffering, so that was nice :) Note: putting vendors outside during the most highly publicized and hyped storm of the season is NOT a good idea. And while it didn't work out, I will try to see the bright side, -I didn't catch a cold. -I met someone else who played magic (considering the very sparse attendance, that was actually quite cool! :3) -I got to playtest a kickstarter game -Every other convention I attend will be better than this one. So, while this was not a success, I will continue trucking forward

VCon 2016
convention went very well! Much better than last year! I will be giving them another shot next year. many people stopped by and picked up their favorite pokemon pin, or a print (sold more original prints than I expected ^.^) also sold out entirely of my Sans print :3 I also met a ton of interesting people & got to high five some fellow mystic players. got to gush about cards with some magic players & picked up a copy of Symetra! I applied for two jobs to paint book covers (crossed fingers) As well as submitting my novel to Edge publishing for examination! (the guy who I gave the manuscript to recognized me later in the convention and I had one of those 'Senpai noticed me moments') overall very fun & profitable weekend this lovely (haha) photo was my booth, you can't see the stuff on the sides, but w/e. I also don't know when wez took this picture but this is probably the worlds worst photo of me -.- my expression is NOT indicative of how I felt over the weekend :P thanks to everyone who stopped by & I can't wait to see you all next year!

Anime Evolution 2016
things went very well! (probably partially because my table location was really good) I sold out of almost all my cards! And sent many happy pokemon go players away from my booth with team banners, buttons and various pokeballs! I even managed to sell a few of my original art pieces (suprise!) and met some magic players too! overall things went very well. AE staff was very disorganized at first, but throughout the convention they seemed to get their stuff together and took care of us in the artists alley. I even did a few quirky commissions! (will be posted when I get home) it was overall a very gratifying and rewarding experience. will continue to attack the convention scene with renewed vigor and inspiration! and thanks again to everyone who stopped by my booth, and even just looked and appreciated some of the stuff